The church

The church in its current look was built between 1660 and 1662 by Domenico Sciassia. The interior decoration of the church with all its frescos and picturesque decoration was finished in 1750. The church has a length of 62,5 meters and is 17,2 meters high. 

The frescos in the church aggrandise Jesus as redeemer of the world in three big topics which complement each other: 
Above the side chapels are frescos of Old Testament prophets announcing the kingdom of god. 
The depictions in the side chapels show scenes from the life of Jesus. Beginning with the birth and ending with him being taken down from the cross.
The content of the third topic is the completition of the kingdom of god by Jesus. So it shows the continuation of Christ’s life in the church and in the life of the saints.
The commanding colours in the church are blue and gold. The reason for that is that these are the colours of the monastery. 

The cross on the clock tower and the same on the bell tower remind of the time where Vorau was subordinated to the archbishop of Salzburg but administrated by the bishop of Seckau. So the made a combination of the common cross of the bishop with the cross of the archbishop that has got two cross beams.
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