The main altar

The main altar was built between 1701 and 1704 by Matthias Steinl. It is 17 meters high and entirely made of wood. Also the columns are wooden although they look as if they are made of marble. 

The main scene on the altar shows the incorporation of Virgin Mary in the heaven. The perfectly plastic apostlegroup is standing around the grave of Virgin Mary looking astonished at the empty sarcophagus. A floating Angel above shows the way upwards to the grand picture of Virgin Mary from Antonio Belucci. The completitions on the top are the figures of the Holy Trinity and more than 100 angels (in 1960 someone counted 106 angels) that tend towards Virgin Mary. The figures are framed by a corona and clouds.
On the right and on the left side of the main altar there are two small altars. The paintings on these altars represent St. Thomas and Margrave Ottokar III. There are also four statues which stand for the three divine virtues: faith (with cross and chalice), hope (with an anchor) and love (a mother with two children) and for the sake of symmetry, a forth statue, the prayer (with incense).
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